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Barney's Mind
Barney's Mind was one of the first spinoffs, possibly the first spinoff of Freeman's Mind. Barney's Mind follows Barney Calhoun, a security guard, who is also found mute in his game, Half-Life Blue Shift, who is thrust into the reasonance cascade, forcing him to then join up with some scientists to escape. Barney's Mind was created by Ian Riley, or his Youtube name, IraMightyPirate which is not only one of the MasterMinds, but is the leader.Barney's Mind consisted of 15 episodes, except some were in many parts. Episode 15 was 4 parts, episode 14 was 2 parts.

Character PersonalityEdit

Barney Calhoun is a security guard working for the Black Mesa Research Facility in the game Half-Life Blue Shift. During the Black Mesa Incident, Barney made his one way to freedom working with a scientist named, Dr. Rosenberg. Barney, who is described in the show info as 'A pessimistic Individual" Is much more random then his friend Freeman, Barney is known to make random jokes about muffins, bees, and handrails. Also unlike Freeman, Barney is not a drug user and doesn't appear to be as selfish as him, always having to help other scientists, he seems to get annoyed but still wants to help them anyway. Barney is also rather opinionated, openly stating his hatred of certain things, much like the character Francis from the Left4Dead series.


Barney's Mind Episode 1 : Crossover with Freeman's Mind Episode 1 : Freeman can be heard yelling "SUCKEEEEER!" as he passes by in the tram.

Barney's Mind Episode 1 - Special Edition : Same as above.

Barney's Mind Episode 1 - Special Edition - Part 2 : Freeman is heard saying "Sup fool" through the security camera, in which Barney responds with laughter.

Barney's Mind Episode 15 : Shephard's Mind : Locker Conversation

Barney's Mind Episode 15 : Corky64 [not felix] as Douche Bag AKA Walter.

Barney's Mind Episode 15 : EmperorPsymon [not Parker] as Airforce dispatch.

Show HistoryEdit

Barney's Mind started on April 6, 2009 with its pilot episode airing on Ian Riley's (IRAMightyPirate) Youtube page. Made in a similar fashion to Freeman's Mind, the show boasts of fresh new characters, new areas, and new events exclusive to Blue Shift.

Episode 1 was almost the last just like Freeman's Mind, but thanks to help of Ian's brother giving support to continue the show was given another chance, episode 2 was also almost the last episode until fans told him to continue on. Deciding after seeing all the support, Ian vowed to continue it to the end, and would also post episodes on, the same place were Freeman's Mind is placed. The move to, however was shortlived, Ian had many problems uploading videos and users were very rude to him saying things like "He's just copying Freeman's Mind" after that he continued to only post his videos on Youtube. On April 28th 2009, Ian wrote on his blog that there was a person trying to make a Shephard's Mind and should be given support, if it wasn't for him Krimsin YT's Shephard's Mind, might not be were it is today. On May 3rd Ian started to post when new episodes of Shephard's Mind were seeing that Krimsin YT did not have a blog or any way to give news on the show at the time. Near the shows end, the semi last episode Episode 14, Ian released a new Barney's Mind episode named, "Barney's Mind Episode 14?" on October 1st, 2009. The video was based on a Super Mario Bros. 2 Playthrough video by Cloud8745.Unfortanatly the video can no longer be seen, as Cloud8745's Youtube Account has been blocked. On November 4th 2009, Ian made blog post on a new mind series using Half-Life 2 Episode 1, which was none other then Felix's Mind by Corky064, Ian had found the third MasterMind. On December 19th 2009, auditions were closed for Barney's Mind Episode 15, AKA the finale. MasterMind Corky064 and not yet MasterMind, EmperorPsymon of Parker's Mind, would play as characters in it. On December 24th 2009, Christmas Eve, the 4 part long Barney's Mind Episode 15 finale was aired. This episode also had a new styled intro similar to the new ones of Freeman's Mind. It would show a scene in Garry's Mod on a Counter Strike map, cs_office, the camera would move towards about 3 Barneys hitting a ragdoll of Billy Mays with a crowbar, then move into a Barney sitting at a computer with a desktop background of a pirate, then goes to the original intro, ounce again. On January 15th 2010, Ian made a post on another new series, Chell's Mind of Portal by Chy Anide. Ian finding, ounce again a new MasterMind. On January 25th 2010, a blooper video featuring accidents durring recording of Barney's Mind was aired. On March 28th 2010 a remake of episode 1 of Barney's Mind was made with a new intro, this was to be the first in a couple of remakes, only doing the first few episodes. On May 23rd Ian posted on the "Meeting of the Minds Q and A" were himself, Krimsin YT of Shephard's Mind, Corky064 of Felix's Mind, EmperorPsymon of Parker's Mind, and Chy Anide of Chell's Mind all talked together using Skype to answer viewer questions, but mainly just goofed around. On May 29th 2010 Ian created a "Sparta Remix" for Barney's Mind, called "300 Bees" . Barney's Mind being finished, Ian had decided to make a new series called "Harrison's Mind' using Alien VS Predator 2. Leaving Barney's Mind alone, now finished, he has ocasionally done lines for Barney Calhoun in Felix's Mind replacing the original voice from Half-Life 2 Episode 1. Ian has stated he has no plans to continue Barney in Half-Life 2, at this time.


MightyPirate's Mind Blog [Blog for Both Barney's Mind, Harrison's Mind, and many MasterMind Collab Projects]'

Barney's Mind Episode 1

Barney's Mind Episode 1 Remake


  • Barney, is considering a career in crane operating.
  • Barney tends to get very annoyed at the fact that Black Mesa seems to never put handrails anywere.
  • Barney, has pointed out that scientists get a combat shotgun and a Powered armor suit [HEV Suit] but security Guards get only a helmet, kevlar vest and handgun.

Images from Barney's MindEdit

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