Barney Calhoun
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Gender Male
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Faction Black Mesa Security
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Status Unknown
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Barney Calhoun is a resistance leader against the Combine and former security guard at the Black Mesa Research Facility.



Barney Calhoun, an undecided major after two years at Martinson College, is employed as a mid-level security officer at the Black Mesa Research Facility, with Level 3 security clearance and is accommodated in the Area 8 Topside Dormitories.[3] He is friends with Gordon Freeman and Isaac Kleiner, who are also employees of Black Mesa.

As a Black Mesa security guard, he is tasked with duties including guarding assigned sections, performing general maintenance, and assisting the science team when required, though he stresses that the security personnel aren't trained in fixing the various technical problems plaguing the station and therefore shouldn't be responsible for having to fix them.


Barney's Roommate, T. C. Arlen, tries unsuccessfully to wake Barney.

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