Civil Protection is a Machinima series created by Ross Scott the same creator of Freeman's Mind. It follows two Civil Protection Officers or Metro Cops from the game Half-Life 2 "Mike" and Dave" As they go through there everyday job of keeping City 17 safe.


Due to it being a show that is more like a mini mod. It tends to take much longer to make then a mind series. In fact Ross Scott has worked on the 2009 Halloween Special "the Tunnel" and finished it on 2011. Since he likes it more then Freeman's Mind, Ross Scott tends to work on Civil Protection more then Freeman's Mind, though even like this he still has only 8 Episodes while Freeman's Mind has 70 Episodes (Countng episodes 0 which shows freeman doing the training course, 10.5 where freeman dies when climbing a ladde, and 61.5 where when freeman is teleported he ends up in Massachusits in which he escapes.

Show HistoryEdit

Civil Protection's first episode "Friday" Started on Machinima on September 8, 2008, In an attempt to let the viewers know news on how the show is going Ross Scott made the Google Blogspot "Civil Protection" which eventually also showed news on his other show Freeman's Mind. Not counting specials, Civil Protection is on it's 8th Episode.

Cast and Voice ActorsEdit

Mike - Ross Scott

Dave - Craig Mengal

Vortigaunt - Ross Scott

Non Shadow Having Citizen - F.C. Meixell


Accursed Farms [Ross Scott's Site, Home to Civil Protection and Freeman's Mind]

Civil Protection [Old Retired Blog Site]

Civil Protection Episode 1 : Friday


Mike has been thrown in the air 2 times

Dave's pet Strider Simba may appear in more episodes possibly.

Dave appears to be intelligent but uses it to do as he pleases instead of helping others.

Dave can see in the dark as he splits up instead of staying with Mike.

Dave is a ninja!

The Fat People Not Good Song heard in Episode 2 "ALIENS" can be heard here.

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