The BeginningEdit

Declans Mind

Series's intro screen.

Declan's Mind is a spin off mind series which was created on Second of August, in 2009 and is still going, recently the series has been stuck on episode 21 for quite a while, most likely out of laziness.

The SeriesEdit

This mind series follows the mind of a 29 year old Declan Walker, a black ops agent. The idea is good to go into the mind of a black op, but the execution could be better ten times. Declan is a Russian, it is never confirmed, but fans like to think that he is Russian just because of his accent (The only good thing about this series). He is an always whining, lazy, alcoholic, egoist and enjoys to be a total douche. He is also (According to the creator of the series) an untrained black op, thanks to that statement the question arose several times “how can he possibly be a black op without any training?”, no answer has yet been given.


No real progress has been made to the series since it started the jokes were still bland, the character didn’t “grow”, realism was put in question several times. The good part about the series was mostly the quality, voice acting and voice itself (Russian accent helped a lot). Thanks to that Russian accent the creator had, he appeared to get a lot of questions on his series about where he was from (Не скажу!). Most times it even seems as if the creator comes up with lines as he goes.


Apparently the series was created by a person named Jase Mack (JaSoR122) a Russian individual who appears to have created the series thanks to the massive percentage of alcohol that was in his system (Водка!). Apparently the many traits that Declan’s personality has, were borrowed from the traits of the creator himself (И это правда!).


Surprisingly the series had a number of crossovers with other series like Parker’s Mind, Jimmy’s mind, Freeman (-ish) Mind and Citizens Mind (КАК!?).

Parker from Parker’s Mind made a little cameo in Declan’s mind, the moment when Parker teleported home, Declan was presumably outside his window, after Parker had teleported away, Declan then proceeded to steal Parker’s car.

The longest crossover was with Jimmy’s Mind, which was pretty good, but that’s only thanks to the fact that SwedenSpeedway (Creator of Jimmy’s Mind) was the one who wrote the whole script.

The crossover with Freeman (-ish) and Citizen’s minds, happened in the last episode (21), which was a Christmas Special, in that episode CptCool2 (Creator of Freeman (-ish) mind) assumed the role of a Snowman who enjoyed dubstep, TheGentlemansShadow (Creator of The Citizen’s Mind) assumed the role of a British Penguin and SwedenSpeedway had assumed the role of Declan’s inner voice.


Throughout the series Declan had jumped to several mod’s and games by ripping off the teleportation idea.

The first mod (Victim) which was used to make the series, was Black Ops a really good mod for Half-Life (Can be found on

Second mod which was used to start off Season 2 (Like some sort of sick sitcom) of the series, was Far Crab a mod that has released a demo, but ended up being dead (Also can be found on

The Third mod which was used, was Half-Life: Times of Trouble (Can be found on

The Fourth mod (Oh my god how many is there!? Poor mods) which was used, was Fate Reversal a mod for Half-life (Can be found (Guess) on (I didn’t expect that!)).

And then there was used a whole separate Game (For the Christmas episode), which was called Prezzie Hunt (Can be found on