Drunk Vortigaunt

The Drunk Vortigaunt talking to Mike

The Drunk Vortigaunt is an alien character that appears in the Half-Life 2 Machinima Civil Protection. The Drunk Vortigaunt is voiced by Ross Scott.

Character PersonalityEdit

While Vortigaunts are usually well mannered hummble creatures, here we have an exception, The Drunk Vortigaunt is just that, a drunk Vortigaunt, seeming to be afraid of Civil Protection then people usually are, he may be paranoid as to not only being a vortigaunt but also being a drunk makes things easier to be blamed on him, or he may be involved in ileagal activities seeing that he isn't wearing the braces, shackles, and cuffs most vortigaunts are forced to wear, meaning he could be operating with the resistance.


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