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Harrison's Mind

Harrison's Mind is a mind series created by Ian Riley, first and leader of the Masterminds, and also creator of Barney's Mind. In this series you follow the thoughts of Cpl. Andrew "Frosty" Harrison, from the game Alien VS Predator 2.

Character PesonalityEdit

The show info, Harrison is described as "A Colonial Marine, and awesome individual." Though in Ian's own words he described Harrison as a mix between Barney's, and Shephard's Mind personality, or as nick named by Corky "Barnard".

Canon debateEdit

Since this series is made by a Mastermind, some would think it would automatically be canon, however seeing that it is made in, Alien VS Predator 2, and many Mind Series refer to Headcrabs for the first time is "Like the facehuggers from Aliens." Proving that in there universe Alien VS Predator is just a movie. The subject is still open for debate.


  • Both Barney, and Harrison hate bees.


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