"Hark! Who is that, prowling out of the plains! It is Mighty Pirate, hands clutching a meaty axe! He screams vengefully: "In the name of Thor the Mighty, I bring annihilation and cheap beer!!""
―Ian's battle cry[src]

Ian Riley (aka IRAMightyPirate, TehMightyPirate or just MightyPirate) is the creator of the Barney's Mind Series and founder of the "Master Minds" group. He voices Barney Calhoun in Barney's Mind, Shephard's Mind, Freeman's Mind and Felix's Mind, as well as a guard in Parker's Mind and the mystery voice in Chell's Mind. He also appeared in Out Of Our Minds, Mind the Gap, Meeting of the Minds and Opposites Attack. He is a trained pilot and civil engineer. He lives with his girlfriend (and fellow Master Mind) Cyh Scaevola. ==



Please see the Barney's Mind article for more information on the series

The Master MindsEdit

Mind the GapEdit

Mind the Gap episodes are Skype recordings Ian made whenever a few of them got together ina Skype room, chatting. Topics range from Random things such as Wikipedia pages to serious stuff such as Philosophies. Currently there are 6 Mind the Gap episodes on Ian's Youtube page.

Meeting Of the MindsEdit

Currently, there are two Meeting Of the Minds epsiodes up for download on Ian's blog

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