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Dawsonnlego is the creator of Logan's mind which is still in progress to this day. Based off of Ross Scott's "Freeman's mind", and heavily inspired by Felix's Mind.


Logan is a 26 year old part of the rebellion, who has destroyed the combine more than once, but in this series, it might be his last mission. He trusts a anonymous civilian who he has never met, who may or may not betray him in the end, along with an AI in his suit, who keeps him alive for around a week. Logan's Mind is recorded with a piece of toast, Edited with Windows Movie Maker, Has Voice Overs from Audacity, and is in the mod for Half life 2 : Ep. 2, "Minerva"

History of "Logan's Mind"

Logan's Mind was originally going to be a single episode series, and more of a comic narrated over instead of a mind series, but one day the creator Dawson, was thinking up ideas, and for one of the games he thought of a HL2 mod called Lost Under The Snow, but the problem was that steam had an update which broke most mods, sadly LUTS was one of them. Dawson went on a search for working GOOD mods, and he found a mod by the name of Synergy, but he came to find out it was just a multiplayer version of half life 2. So he went on the search for a mod again, and found Minerva : Metastasis, which became Logan's Mind.The intro to episode 1 was uploaded on January 1st 2014 to Dawson Z.'s Youtube account "Dawsonnlego", the first episode was uploaded on March 19th 2014.


1 : "I'm a combine! Let me shoot at the wall trying to kill a random person!"

2 : "Who cares if I blacked out for around half a week, the facility is still hotter than a roman noodle cup burnt in the microwave." 3 : "Hi I'm with the girl scouts, please lay down your gun for some cookies."

4 : "I'm doing great without my anti-insanity pills. Yes I know its time to drink my sorrow away Phil." 5 : "Welcome to hell! Please take a ticket." 6 : "Who wants popcorn?" (Has been used more than once)



9 : "This reminds me of black mesa, a unsafe, radioactive, ruined pile of rubble called a facility.

Logan's Charactoristics



1 : Logan worked as a security guard at black mesa.

2 : Logan was the first person in black mesa to need glasses.

3 : Logan is nearly blind without his glasses.

4 : Logan's H.E.V suit has a helmet with built in lenses.

5 : Logan threw his wrench into the machinery in sector c, destroying vital scientific studies.

6 : Gordon Freeman fell down a flight of stairs because of Logan accidently shot his gun in a stair well.

7 : Logan in episode 1 is found to have a form of insanity, as he talks to himself.

8 : Logan has a pet dog, which he believes is somewhere on the island. 9 : In the semi finale, Logan was supposed to die, but survived because of G-man.

10 : Logan was in the H.E.C.U but left, about a month before the resonance cascade.

11 : Logans Full name Is Logan D. Wescott.

Logan's Mind episode 1