Mike (Matt's Mind)

Overview ==

(Not to be confused with Mike from Civil Protection)

Voiced by: Microsoft Mike

Mike is an expirimental AI program built by Vault-Tec. He houses himself out of Matt's Pip-boy 3000 and plays the role of Matt's sidekick. Mike plays more major parts later in the series providing emotional support or hacking various electronics most notably Liberty Prime. Mike made his first apperance in episode 2 prior to Matt taking his G.O.A.T. exam. He seems to do most of his thinking on the inside. He only seems to speak if he has something absolutly crucial to say.


Details of Mike's past are vauge to say the least. He was first created as an expiriment by Vault-Tec. The AI program he is based on was origionaly intended to be integrated into every vault to administrate the expirimentation that Vault-Tec was conducting with each vault. The plan lost all hope of ever seing the light of day when the apocolypse occured. As a result only two AI programs were ever made. Mike and this second AI was left in the Vault-Tec mainframe for 200 years. Mike eventually broke through the firewalls and transfered himself to vault 101's mainframe and later into Matt's Pip-Boy 3000. Mike's entire past has yet to be revealed. Rumors and speculations have been that he was meant to be part of the Vault 0 conspiracy.


Mike's role still remains somewhat questionable. His major role is being Matt's sidekick but he also serves as the voice of reason in several situations. Late in season 1 his main role is emotional support while Matt becomes an emotional trainwreck.

Durring the Mothership Zeta campaign Mike obtained the ability to hack into computers and transfer his software to take control of electronic systems. Matt mainly uses this to have Mike open doors for him but the most notable is when he uses it to take control of Liberty Prime durring the season 1 finale and the season 2 premire.

RSMM2 quote: "I can't really remember what sparked the origional idea of Mike but he was supposed to be played off as sort of conversation piece given that much of the series was going to consist of walking through the wasteland. This was scrapped mid-production because we wanted to give him a role. So then it went to that he would be like a sort of sidekick for Matt, helping out here and there and really not saying much at all and by last few episodes of the first season he would serve as a sort of voice or reason or someone to lean on.


  • Mike houses the system's that mannage Matt's HUD.
  • Mike's interface color is blue while every other Pip-Boy has a green interface.
  • Mike has often been compared to the Dealer from Fallout: Equestria Project Horizons due to both characters having very similar roles.