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"So you're like an alien, but you're also a gun!" - Adrian Shephard.

In the Mind Series Comunity Many Many Minders Seem to name there guns. underneath is a list of named weapons.


Sparky or the ShockRoach from Half-Life Opposing Force, is possibly the first named weapon. Named by Adrian Shephard, Sparky is seen as a pet by Adrian. Sparky has the ability to shoot electricity from it's mouth. For more information on the ShockRoach, go to the CombineOver Wiki [Half-Life Series Wiki.]


Gill is the second of Shephard's Pets or named weapons. Gill is the Spore Launcher from Half-Life Opposing Force. Gill can shoot out Alien Spore Plants from his mouth with dangerous results. For information on the Spore Launcher go to the CombineOver Wiki [ Half-Life Series Wiki.]

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"This is my wierd squid slime spitting alien gun thing. There are many like it, but this one is mine" - Adrian Shephard.

Bob VilaEdit

Bob Vila is Coporal Matthew Kane's Nail Gun. Kane named it after Home Improvement television show host, known for "This Old House", "Bob Vila's Home Again", and "Bob Vila". For more info on Bob Vila [Person] go to Wikipedia. For more information on The Nail Gun Please go to the Quake Wiki.
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"Kane the Builder, can we fix it?""Kane the Builder YES WE CAN!" - Corporal Matthew Kane



"Goby! A shotgun that what it lacks in size it makes up for by causing peoples limbs to explode!" - Matt

Goby is Matt's sawed-off shotgun from Fallout 3 which he considers his signature weapon. It stood out amongst the rest of Matt's arsenal when it tore someone completely apart with a single shell at which point he decided to hold onto it.


Thunder is a gauss rifle that matt picked up after completeing the Operation Anchorage simulation for the Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts. Thunder is an incredibly powerful weapon, however Matt can hardly hit with the weapon because he says the sight is off center and no matter how many times he tries to fix it, he can't quite seem to git anything with it.