Shadowless Man

The Shadowless Man talking to Mike and Dave

The Shadowless Man is a recurring character in the Half-Life 2 Machinima Civil Protection. First appearing in Episode 3 Shadow Of A Doubt, The Cop duo questions why he doesn't have a shadow, durring this time later on he suddenly has a shadow, then Mike chases after him screaming "Vampire!" The two seem to be friends with him now, as seen working with him in Episode 5 Halloween Safety, trying to work with them to record a Halloween Safety video. The Shadowless Man is voiced by F.C. Meixell.

Character PersonalityEdit

The Shadowless Man seems to be just an ordinary City 17 Civilian, he doesn't seem to have much of a personality or at least never gets a chance to talk much since the other characters seem to dominate the conversation more. It is unknown why he never had a shadow or suddenly grew one, or if Mike was right and he really was a vampire.


  • The Shadowless Man's Shadow problem started out in the same area that Episode 8 : The Tunnel Began meaning that interfearence from whatever was there may have messed with his shadow.