What is Sora's Mind? Edit


Sora's Mind is a mind series created by SergentLyrical on YouTube. The series follows Kyle Sora, a research associate who works in the Lambda Teleporter Complex in Sector E. The series also takes place in the Half-Life mod, Residual Point.(By Radiation Studios)

It follows Kyle who has to attend a dangerous teleportation experiment with his co-worker and rival, Clyde, when it goes terribly wrong, and Kyle has to escape Black Mesa.

Character Personality Edit

Kyle is kind of a mix between Gordon, Shephard, and Barney. He likes to crack jokes if he's in a bad situation and he knows it could help him cope properly. He is also in constant stress due to his fear of being fired from Black Mesa, and also because of his brother(Luke Sora) who serves in the U.S Navy, which gives Kyle the fear of losing him. However, Kyle is not afraid to speak his mind. If he hates someone, he'll say it right in their face. Which is probably why the company doesn't like him very much. He can be a very nice person at times, but most times it doesn't work out causing him to be very rude and hateful.(Which is expected for the average Black Mesa employee.) Kyle also feels consistently pressured and put down do to his parents that are very religious parents who made things very limited when it came to normal kid things that Kyle was allowed to do, Kyle to this day still feels that same limit, explaining his constant hatefulness.

Trivia Edit

  • The series has a set date for the residence cascade on July 13, 2006.
  • Kyle used to work in the physics department, but left because he hated the people there.
  • Kyle has a brother who serves in the U.S Navy.
  • Kyle's parents are incredibly religious, causing his childhood to be very boring.
  • Kyle has worked in Sector E for a week.
  • Kyle is Asian.
  • Kyle LOVES Dr. Pepper.
  • Kyle respects the Korean culture.
  • Kyle is friends with an identity thief named Sean who has been arrested 15 times.
  • Kyle used to work at a Porter's until someone decided to bash their head on a watermelon, and Kyle had to clean it up.
  • Kyle trained in the hazard course, and hated it.
  • Kyle doesn't want to be like the minority of scientists at Black Mesa.
  • Kyle HATES elevator music.