"Follow the thoughts and ramblings of 24 year old Vincent Stark, a cynical ex-employee for Black Mesa, and Dr. Gordon Freeman's reluctant body double." - Stark's Mind's description.

Stark's Mind is an upcoming Mind series centering around the 24 year old protagonist, Vincent Stark. A promotional video was aired on the 1st of January, and has yet to see an official release (although it is most likely going to have its first episode premiere once Xen arrives, or earlier).

The series is going to be created through the fan-made re-imagination of Half-life, famously known as Black Mesa. The full series can be found here.


Stark's Mind is Coming Soon (Promotional Video)Edit

The series takes place in an alternate universe to that of the Freeman's Mind universe, where instead of Freeman going to work, Stark is asked by Freeman (who is at a party during the time, in which he drinks two whole vodka bottles) to fill in for him. Stark is initally hesistant to do so, and attempts to decline, but Freeman constantly interrupts him. It reaches the point to where Freeman essentially blackmails Stark into substituting him (a reason for this is do to Freeman and Stark's identical appearances, as seen in the title card at the end of the promotional).

Episode 1Edit

Has yet to be released!

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