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Taggart's Journey (formerly Taggart's Mind) is an ongoing Mind Series by YouTuber Blue15bomber (CJ Correos). Following the exploits of Flynn Taggart, an 18 year old space marine, who was sent to investigate an incident on Mars by the SMC. Soon after, Flynn decided to sleep on the job in a garage, but his crew where soon to be attacked by an unknown hostile in the facility. Now he is on his own, treading through the mazes of the UAC facility to find the remaining marines, while piecing together what the actual enemy is.


The series uses footage from the game Brutal Doom: Hell On Earth Pack on GZDoom. Blue15bomber originally developed the series as "Taggart's Mind" and produced two episodes under that name. However, he later made the videos unlisted, albeit available to view in the "Random Videos Playlist" on his channel. He started afresh with the new title, citing writing, acting quality and originality as reasons. The first episode of Taggart's Journey was released on October 12th 2018, with updated dialogue.


  • Fynn Taggart shares his occupation with Adrian Shephard of Shephard's Mind, Matthew Kane from Kane's Mind, and the protagonist of Mind of Marine.
  • In both the original pilot and the updated 'Journey' version, Taggart makes reference to an conflict with the Stroggs that all marines are engaged in. This may be the same conflict that fellow marine (who is in fact, in the far future) Matthew Kane was involved in in Kane's Mind.
  • Flynn originally had a sister, Margret, that was mentioned in the second episode of the pilot series, but soon to be removed in Taggart's Journey.

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Taggart's Journey: Episode 01