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The Point Man's Mind, is a mind series created by Triox45, taking place in the game F.E.A.R. following the thoughts of The Point Man.

Character PersonalityEdit

The show info describes him as "A 31 year old F.E.A.R. Operative with anger issues." This seems to be true for the most part. He also seems to have a taste for danger seeing that when fighting enemies, he sometimes wishes they were more of a challenge. He also seems be gaining a drug addiction as the series progresses. The Point Man also becomes extremely frightened by the halucinations he is seeing and also has a case of pedophobia (the fear of children)


  • The Point Man's Mind Episode 7 - KrimsinYT's Adrian Shephard from Shephard's Mind on military radio.
  • The Point Man's Mind Episode 12 - KrimsinYT again as Adrian Shephard.
  • The Point Man's Mind Episode 13 - KrimsinYT ounce again as Adrian Shephard.


  • If the Point Man's kill count is accurate then he has killed 100 enemies.


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