"Follow the innermost thoughts of Victor, a 23 year old Marine aboard the Von Braun light speed ship, and an anxious individual."
―Official series description.
Victor's Mind is an upcoming mind series using the game System Shock 2.
Victor's Mind-1

Character Edit

Victor was born in 2091, 19 years after the Citadel Station Incident of 2072. He was born into a fairly wealthy family, so he went to a highly respected school. His father was a technitian, so he learned how to bypass security in computers, leading him to prank his friends constantly. Although being highly academic in school, he yearned to make a difference. At age 20, he signed up for the UNN Navy, Learning from his superiors. After he graduated, he signed up to be part of the crew of the UNN Rickenbacker, leading to the events of System Shock 2.

After his awaking from cryo sleep on the Von Braun, he starts to piece up what happened in his absence through audio logs and being guided by his multiple masters, usually being a Lackey of sorts. He is portrayed as a humble, intelligent, yet violent character running through the halls of the Von Braun, lost and confused. He is essentially portrayed as a calmer, yet much more fearful version of Freeman.